The biggest advance in Swimming Pool Lighting in decades

Safety and simplicity without the risk of electrocution as there is no power feed entering the water.

Energy efficient using LED technology and suitable for both concrete and fiberglass pools

Designed and made by New Zealand’s leading pool designer and builder.

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Designed in New Zealand with features that combine several years of experience in fixing Swimming Pool Lighting

Latest Pool Lighting


Lights in Swimming Pools have evolved over several years from 230 volts that were banned to the Sealed Beam PAR 56 which was an Automotive Lamp to several different types of Halogen fitted into an array of Underwater Housings called a Niche and the Surface Mounted. The latter appealed to many Pool Builders because they were simple to install.

The worst feature of these Surface Mounted Lights was they provided an excellent ladder or step as a means of getting out of the pool, the result a hanging light. The more professional Pool Builders install what is called a Niche light that sits flush with the wall.

Then along came the  advent of LED's first the DIP type that look like a small Bulb then along came what is called the SMD (Surface Mount ) that can be assembled using a robotic process.

All our new lights use the SMD type with a beam angle of 120 degrees.

Whilst there are an array of Swimming Pool Lights entering the market place that feature color changing we at this stage believe our lights are there as a form of lighting to enhance the pool at night not turn it into a Christmas Tree or what will become a 7 day wonder. In short we prefer simply to make the pool look peaceful and tranquil at night in either a blue or white.

(1)    Because the LED's are dependent on the right power supply (i.e. 12 volts AC and DC) and as a safeguard because installation and the type of Transformer used is outside of our control we have installed a 12 volt Voltage Regulator. (However the use of our purpose designed power supply is recommended)

(2)    Over the years the designer found that water migration via the Cable Glands in different lights was a major source of water entering the light chamber, in many case this was from the inside of the cable not the outside.

(3)    To solve this problem we have elected to make our lights a fully sealed beam that is simple to install and connect removing the cable gland from the light. Behind each light there is room to stow 1.5 meters of cable to allow for servicing.

 (4)    The Lights operate on a 12 volt AC / DC power supply and exceed international safety standards.

We at Kiwi Pool Products trust you will consider these Swimming Pool Lights on your next project, for more information:


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Pool Quartz has been developed to provide a long lasting finish for the lining of both domestic and commercial swimming pools. It can be mixed to provide a range of attractive colours that will neither bleach nor fade in the treated swimming pool water, both salt and chlorine.

How is the colour achieved?

Quartz minerals that are used in the base formula are coated with ceramics in a similar manner to mosaic pool tiles, providing a colour-fast finish to the product. Oxides are not used because they fade and bleach out over time. for many decades concrete pools have been finished with white marble plaster, however marble is porous and will soak up stains and may be dissolved by acids used in treating pool water. This cannot happen with our Pool Quartz.

How long will Pool Quartz last?

Currently we have residential pools that have are still in good condition ten years after application, commercially we have pools between four and six years after application with no problems. Quartz is amongst the hardest minerals on earth, so there is no reason that the finished pool surface will not last for twenty to thirty years in a commercial pool employing CO2 water treatment, and it will most certainly out last any painted surface. Pool Quartz also provides a non-slip surface which paint will not. The product is so hard wearing that it is now being added to road-marking paint to extend its service life. Because cement is added to Pool Quartz on the day of application it has no shelf life making it for stronger than other prepared coating on the market.



Pool Quartz is applied as a plaster-mix – using two parts quartz to one part white Portland cement. Additional bonding agents are incorporated and the resulting layer is between 10 mm to 12 mm thick. The product is non-bio-degradable and has an unlimited shelf life. Applying the finish under covers is recommended, and the pool filled with water within twenty-four hours of application.

We are the only manufacturer to use 100% quartz material. Others add a small percentage of coloured quartz to their product to provide a background colour, however like the other products developed by Kiwi Pool Products we are striving for perfection and benefits that will last for many years to come.

Pool Quartz are available from

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